How to Prepare


If you have recently scheduled to have your carpets cleaned, you may be wondering what needs to be done in order to get your home ready for the appointment. Here are a few suggestions to help the both of us:

  1. Please advise your Cleaning Specialist upon arrival about any special requirements on moving your furniture, weak legs, loose tops, etc. You may also contact us before hand through email or telephone.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum your carpets (especially high-traffic areas) before we arrive.
  3. Please pin up any full length draperies and furniture skirts so that they will avoid touching the carpet.
  4. Remove any breakable item from furniture that will be moved to clean your carpet.
  5. Any small piece of furniture that you can move from the carpet will help us finish quicker, allowing you to enjoy your carpet sooner.
  6. We cannot move heavy furniture (china hutches, entertainment centers, etc.) unless they have been completely emptied of breakables. Otherwise, we will clean up to the base of the furniture.
  7. Please bring attention to any spots or stains that may require additional cleaning techniques. If you know what created the spot, inform us so we may use specialized cleaning products.
  8. Put your pets in a safe location where our cleaning will not bother them.
  9. If possible, inform us where potential outside water faucets are located, as well as your home’s drainage pipe location.
  10. A note about odors and stains:
    We do everything possible to reduce or eliminate odors, however 100% elimination is not guaranteed. Also, due to humidity levels, you may notice an odor for a few days after cleaning. Please allow carpets to thoroughly dry before informing us of any recurring odors or stains.
  11. Please leave any plastic tabs or blocks under your furniture for 24 hours after cleaning.
  12. Avoid making contact with carpets until they are completely dry.